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Olga Nydia Saldivar
Born February 1985 - Monterrey, Mexico

Olga is a Mexican born, Texas-based artist, illustrator, and designer.

She grew up in Monterrey, Mexico, and developed a passion for fashion and for creating. After moving to Texas she left the fashion world behind and started adding paint to her drawings. 

Her artwork blends traditional techniques with whimsical elements creating an edge between innocence, beauty, and mystery. 

Olga has worked with different mediums during her career as an artist. She started her own leather accessory line in 2011, where she incorporates her painting techniques into her leather designs. 


Whether she is doing ceramics, painting, or working with leather, she is extremely inspired by nature. Texture is a key element in anything that she is creating. 

Olga Nydia Saldivar lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and two children. 

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