Current collection. 

Finding inspiration from life experiences.


gone with the wind



This collection evolved from my previous work. A few of these commissioned pieces where inspired from my oil florals and my love for birds.


entre la flora y la fauna



This collection has been mostly inspired by animals. Some of the new paintings here are an extension on my previous collections. 


I'm currently experimenting with new themes and techniques. The White Heron painting being the first of many with this dramatic and dark tone.


flower studies


This collection is inspired by nature. Everything around us with a touch of color and unexpected ideas. 


The medium I'm using for this collection is mostly oil on canvas. 


multiple personalities


This collection is very special to me. I often relate a lot of my work to this theme. I like to paint characters and give them personalities. With this collection I played with the idea of having our inner animal displayed. Showing our hidden traits and what we have in our subconsious. 


The medium for most of these pieces is ink and watercolor on canvas. Almost all of the pieces have some type of mixed media. Either hand woven yarn, gold leaf accents or watercolored 3D butterflies. 

color high


Color high was a collection I made specifically for an exhibition at a clothing boutique. They wanted color, they wanted girly, and they got it. Neon was a big influence not only in fashion but in home decor, furniture, etc. So it played a big role on my pieces.


The medium I used for most of these pieces was graphite and acrylic paint.

previous work


These are pieces from a few different collections. 

I was part of a few collective group shows for most of 2010. Each show had a theme so I would usually make two to four pieces inspired from that theme.

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broken face

graphite, acrylic and coffee on canvas AVAILABLE